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  1. Murray-Darling Basin Plan: Despite extreme lobbying, you can’t take water that does not exist
  2. WEIRD people: Western, Educated, Industrialised, Rich, Democratic... and unlike anyone else on the planet
  3. Effective marginal tax rates and Australia’s welfare trap
  4. Statistics lessons for property people
  5. Common sense and the CityCycle launch
  6. Too good to be true environmental solutions
  7. Lessons for the RBA on their blunt instrument
  8. What I have found interesting lately
  9. Gaming leads to unintended consequences when governments try to stimulate housing supply
  10. Flow-on effects of recycling - are there net benefits?
  11. A closer look at Australian incomes and predictions from Google Trends
  12. Energy efficiency - further reading
  13. Dutch Cargo Bike Review
  14. Energy efficiency: A flawed paradigm
  15. Economist forecasts for the record
  16. Waste Revisited – the ‘Green’ bag revolution
  17. The Environment Revisited
  18. Interpreting today's National Accounts
  19. Competition Series Part IV: The future
  20. Friday quick links
  21. What does it mean for an economy to ‘turn Japanese’ and what determines whether it will?
  22. Living in a bubble
  23. Helmet law research hits the headlines
  24. The Shadow Public Service
  25. Competition Series Part III: History
  26. Counterintuitive findings?
  27. No limits to economic growth
  28. Zombie Economics
  29. CPI surprise
  30. Nothing is so firmly believed as that which least is known - or why changing your mind is evidence of learning
  31. Rates surprise
  32. Australia not an island away from world’s troubles – recession, bank runs, and printing cash
  33. Talking with Warwick McKibbin
  34. Public and Private schools – evidence from economics?
  35. Sin tax myths – why smokers reduce health costs
  36. Updates and a CityCycle apology
  37. The Australian Housing Fiasco
  38. Prison, parenting, selection bias, and measuring success
  39. Mid-week links
  40. GDP only positive because of rain drenched agriculture
  41. Parkinson's Law
  42. Health economics –unnecessary treatment and economic costs of illness... and goodbye
  43. 8 Lessons on Planning and Housing Supply
  44. No evidence of supply-side constraints in approvals data
  45. Risk homeostasis, Munich Taxi-cabs and the Nanny State
  46. If this doesn't blow your mind...
  47. Housing supply follow up – more evidence
  48. Milk wars and Anti-Dumping
  49. Faulty Reasoning
  50. Not pretty
  51. Latest Econ Theory Keynes v Hayek rap video
  52. Rent seeking behaviour - scare campaigns
  53. Housing stimulus idea
  54. Demand shocks – the details
  55. Economics, Real Estate and the Supply of Land
  56. A sign of desperate times?
  57. 1980s Texas Housing Bubble Myth - A Reply
  58. The budget impact on rates - the debate
  59. Peter Schiff predictions
  60. Wealth effect driven by the housing market
  61. Getting my head examined - a Chris Joye rebuttal
  62. Learning to judge risk
  63. Brisbane and Perth housing slide continues
  64. The telco confusopoly
  65. GDP down 1.2% for the March qtr
  66. Queensland’s Strategic Cropping Land
  67. Great Stagnation?
  68. Dwelling finance springs back
  69. Australian retail playing catch up
  70. Realities of cycling
  71. The eurozone is saving Germany
  72. Quarry Australia
  73. Real estate commission madness
  74. Population and housing all muddled up
  75. Concern over the AUD
  76. Go back to where you came from - Australia's talking
  77. Helmet laws hit the headlines - again
  78. Interesting TEDx video on risk taking and helmets
  79. Myth: Tight rental market boosts home prices
  80. Smoking decreases health costs to society
  81. What pay rise?
  82. Warwick McKibbin tells it straight
  83. Cannon's Law
  84. The alcohol consumption J-curve
  85. Murray’s Retrospective Indicator for Buying and Selling
  86. Thought bubbles
  87. Google economic indicators
  88. Bundle of rights explains planning and prices
  89. The retail picture
  90. Retail in detail
  91. Economic images
  92. Real per capita wealth trend
  93. The Sydney housing boom ripple effect
  94. The Believing Brain
  95. Is Australia a net food importer?
  96. The housing market's 'once-off adjustment' meme
  97. RBA pragmatism and global stagflation
  98. What sovereign wealth?
  99. Current account deficits and house prices
  100. What sovereign wealth? Continued...
  101. Chart of the day - long run house price comparison
  102. Quick links and curious thoughts
  103. Peak life expectancy
  104. Chart of the day: Shares v houses
  105. Comments on the London riots
  106. Chart of the day: Shares v houses in the US
  107. Recycling Jevons Paradox
  108. Households better of than 1994... just
  109. 'Going green'
  110. Friday thoughts
  111. Economies of scale do not equal productivity
  112. Electric v petrol scooter
  113. Econompic - negative real interest rates encourage savings
  114. Gay marriage - questions
  115. Not so random links, comments and quotes
  116. Anthropologist's view on debt and money
  117. Tobin tax for Australia?
  118. Property industry propaganda knows no bounds (+market update)
  119. Using quarantine as a barrier to trade
  120. Improving the household income and house price debate
  121. The Rolex economy
  122. Stimulus for a recession that never was
  123. Quarry Australia has no people
  124. How the CPI hid the housing bubble
  125. The creative destruction of retail
  126. Media watch – cosleeping report
  127. US observations
  128. QLD CSG - the race for first gas
  129. Economics of piracy
  130. BRICs can't hold the wall
  131. Living away from the tax man
  132. Why not adopt NZ’s no-fault national insurance
  133. US gas glut may dampen energy markets
  134. Ridiculous debates on funding health care in Australia
  135. Land boom ruins productivity measure
  136. An interactive growth model
  137. Network map of Australian lobbyists
  138. How economists think of themselves
  139. Are there supply curves in a theory of return-seeking firms
  140. Australian age-dependency ratios
  141. Timing the residential property cycle
  142. Watts' model of cascading network failure
  143. More housing market signals
  144. Life of an economics student?
  145. Why Mathematica for economics?
  146. Government debt hysteria
  147. Ford closes... along with common sense
  148. Interpreting housing market indicators
  149. Indoctrination...
  150. Musings...
  151. Morality in economics, paid parental leave edition
  152. Thinking like RH Coase
  153. Land and housing are durable goods (or why demand/supply framework fails)
  154. Thing I wish economists never said
  155. House price signal flashes green
  156. Top young economists
  157. Quote of the day
  158. Economic models are plausible stories
  159. Economics makes you selfish
  160. What limits housing supply… one more time
  161. Everything I was afraid to ask about Bitcoin but did
  162. You can’t borrow from the future!
  163. Three long term housing metrics
  164. Defending the econ status quo
  165. Policy and worship of prediction markets
  166. Three years on: Cargo bike review
  167. Australia's external position. Discuss
  168. Meltdowns and Mankiw
  169. What equality-efficiency trade-off?
  170. Free entry assumption means zero prices
  171. Behind neoclassicism's undiminished dominance
  172. Time for a new theory of the firm
  173. Why is return-seeking optimal?
  174. Tribes, Gods, Indeterminancy, Property, Capitalism
  175. The firm existence puzzle and how we solve it
  176. Poverty is always a relative concept
  177. Organ markets and the problem of real options
  178. Economics is applied morality
  179. Open borders: A morality play by the 1%
  180. The 140 year cycle in macroeconomic thought
  181. Pretending to care about housing affordability
  182. Inequality is a capital vs labour story
  183. What does affordable housing mean?
  184. Wages share and investment
  185. Are Australian universities just not good enough?
  186. Wrong lesson from Adam Smith's pin factory
  187. 17million Reasons Rent Control is Efficient
  188. Spartan Morality
  189. Intuition in economics can't replace reason
  190. Uncertainty is not what you think it is
  191. Four Corners: No logic on China
  192. Australian journalists wage war on cycling
  193. Robinson: An introduction to economic doctrine
  194. Corrupting Piketty in the 21st century
  195. Post-Crash economics clashes with 'econ tribe'
  196. Micro-foundations don't escape Lucas Critique
  197. Those ‘tough’ social problems
  198. Piketty's wealth tax is real - and it works
  199. Twisted logic of GP fees
  200. Unique economics of healthcare
  201. Can a nation save?
  202. Bogus economic excuse for inequality debunked
  203. Quick links: Crony politics, utility, Becker, exports
  204. Retirement confusion - savings are not investment
  205. NSW hands builders and developers rents, again
  206. Age of entitlement - my SBS Insight notes
  207. Is Chang's economic development really complexity?
  208. A tribal ceremony: Reconciling the economics of debt
  209. Are the LDP’s principles useful for policy-making? (No)
  210. Krugman vs Bank of England (or QE bails out the rich)
  211. Review: Bubble Economics (Soos and Egan)
  212. Most important chart in human history - debunked
  213. Structural vs individual poverty theories: A comment
  214. Next Australian housing boom in progress
  215. Why has the public service become impotent?
  216. Land taxes, rent-seeking, boom and bust
  217. Australia outbuilds Texas, but will the shortage myth die?
  218. Seeking housing supply logic
  219. The preference whisperer
  220. Grandpa Landsburg, the Rocking-Chair Economist, defends econ tribe
  221. Four books and one film to understand the world
  222. The case for 7% stamp duty on property
  223. National hindsight bias day
  224. Why is terrorism so frightening?
  225. Economics of how Triple J makes music better
  226. Improving 'Neoclassical man' with a gaze heuristic
  227. Housing glut can't stop bubbles
  228. Coaches’ Calls: Should debt be on the scoreboard?
  229. Economics: Blah blah blah
  230. Uncertainty and morality in a dynamic economics
  231. Macroeconomics = Fallacy of Composition
  232. Self-censoring on superannuation
  233. Back-scratching: Do what's best for your mates and screw the rest
  234. Environment Minister sabotages environmental groups
  235. Exposing political favouritism in land rezoning
  236. Renegade Economists interview on dodgy rezoning
  237. Will higher standards make apartment residents worse off?
  238. Adam Smith’s Pin Factory: Capital vs division of labour
  239. The inferiority of renting
  240. Endless repositories of ad hoc explanations
  241. Division of labour is the outcome, not cause
  242. Dodgy rezoning, a summary
  243. Gay marriage: an institutional perspective
  244. ACE 2015: Day 1
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