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  1. How expensive is housing?
  2. 2009 Retrospective
  3. It’s Debt, Debt, Debt for Australia!
  4. Interview on Engineer.net
  5. Mish on the Fictional Reserve System
  6. Secret Deals Involving No One; AIG Coverup Conspiracy Unravels
  7. GDP Mirage - The Last Hurrah
  8. Wisconsin's Pension Strategy Update: Disaster Looms Over "Free Lunch" Proposal
  9. Beware, the Foreclosure Collection Man Cometh
  10. "No, I'm Not A Nascar Driver"
  11. 4 Week Moving Average of Initial Unemployment Claims Rises 3rd Straight Week
  12. State of Wisconsin Goes Insane With Leverage; Corporate Bond Mad Rush Is On
  13. Hypocrite Bernanke and his Political Pandering; Bernanke Buys Votes
  14. Oregon's Death Spiral; Business Owners Say "I'm moving out"
  15. FDIC Friday Lotto: Another Reason Why Banks Are Not Lending
  16. Obama's Preposterous "Partial Spending Freeze"; Lessons of 1937
  17. Democracy At Work
  18. Questions Geithner Cannot Escape
  19. Wall Street Journal Questions Bernanke's Credibility and Political Will
  20. Growing Movement To Disband Police Departments
  21. Schwarzenegger Puts Unions In The Cross-Hairs
  22. Cash Strapped Illinois Accelerates Property Tax Collections
  23. Economist Steve Keen On "The Case Against Bernanke"
  24. Charts of the Day: Durable Goods and Goods Employment In General
  25. Peak Autos: America's Love Affair with the Automobile May Be Coming to an End
  26. Kansas Budget Deep In The Hole and Unemployment Insurance "Trust Fund" About To Run Dry
  27. Hoschton Georgia Dissolves Police Department
  28. Information Imperialism and the Great Firewall of China
  29. Further Proof Of Insanity In California
  30. Why Is California Broke?
  31. Crisis in Spain and Greece: Plan A and Plan B
  32. Quicker "Non-Judicial" Foreclosures and Evictions Coming to Florida
  33. US China Relationship Sours Over $6.4 Billion Weapons Sales To Taiwan; China Overtakes U.S. as Largest Saudi Customer
  34. Clinton presses China over Iran nuke sanctions
  35. Thousands in Tokyo Protest Against US Troops in Japan
  36. Miami Faces Financial Meltdown; SEC Investigates "Financial Shell Game" Asks For Records On All Major Bond Deals Since 2006
  37. 77 Fraud, Money Laundering, Insider Trading, and Tax Evasion Investigations Underway Regarding TARP
  38. Massive Layoffs Coming in NYC, Nevada, California, Colorado, Arizona, Everywhere
  39. Pennsylvania Capital Ponders Bankruptcy
  40. St. Louis Fed: US Deflation No Longer A Risk
  41. In Defense of Drunken Sailors
  42. Demand For Loans Weakens Again In Fed Senior Loan Survey
  43. Least and Most Affordable Housing in the World, By Nation and City; Vancouver Canada is Least Affordable City, Australia the Least Affordable Country
  44. Neil Barofsky Promises Handcuffs; Police Pay Dispute In Miami; Workers Protest In NM; California Muni Bond Outlook, Other Potpourri
  45. Obama's Two-Faced Poisonous Plan Sure To Please No One
  46. Pool of Greater Housing Fools in Australia Finally Runs Out; OZ Dollar, Where to From Here?
  47. The Enemy Is At Home
  48. California Banker On "Business Loan Margin Calls"
  49. How Big Were The Housing Tax Breaks In OZ?
  50. Are Teachers To Blame For Economic Illiteracy?
  51. Big Government Returns With Vengeance
  52. Economically Illiterate Quote of the Day 2010-02-03: This Quote Concerns The LA Budget
  53. 824,000 Will Disappear On February 5; BLS Admits Flawed Model But Plans No Changes
  54. School Crisis In Nevada; Governor Seeks To Cancel Collective Bargaining With Schools Because The State Is Broke
  55. Student Protest Forces Yuba College Board To Rescind Chancellor's Raise; Tuition Soars Everywhere
  56. Former Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis Charged With Fraud; It's Only A Start
  57. Weekly Unemployment Claims Jump; Obama's Green Jobs Initiative; Hate Mail From Keynesian Clowns
  58. Rapid Transit Salaries: A Look at the Beloved BART
  59. ECB President Trichet Points the Finger at the US; Hearing Is Believing
  60. Commodities Kiss of Death? Is The Reflation Trade Over?
  61. Nonperforming Loans in China Rise to "Trillions of Renminbi"
  62. Conversation With My 14 Year Old Son
  63. Jobs Contract Yet Again; Unemployment Rate Drops To 9.7%
  64. Bill to End Defined Benefit Plans Under Consideration in Utah
  65. Teacher from Canada Chimes in on the "Bankrupt Education System"
  66. Americans Reject Keynesian Economics; 83% Blame Deficit on Politicians
  67. Living in a pre-1978 home and thinking about remodeling? The EPA says "You Need Certification"
  68. How Unions Destroyed Greece; Union Greed and Gall in Nevada; Union Protests In Utah; Taxes on Food in Phoenix
  69. California Sheriff Takes Home $640,000 a Year; Automatic Muni Raises in SF; Oregon Pension Board Buries Head In Sand
  70. China Announces 105% Tariffs on Chickens in Retaliation for US Steel and Tire Tariffs
  71. Sunday Funnies 2010-02-07: Lighter Side of the News
  72. Colton California Considers Disbanding Fire Department
  73. BLS Seasonal Adjustments Gone Haywire; 11% Unemployment Coming by May?
  74. Famous Last Words: U.S. Will ‘Never’ Lose Aaa Debt Rating
  75. Email From A Volunteer Firefighter
  76. $550 Million Will Create 400 Jobs ... In Mexico
  77. Seniors Need Yield But Nowhere Good To Go; FDIC Moral Hazard Yet Again
  78. How To Keep The Money "All In The Family"
  79. Small Businesses Owners' Association Slams Obama's Stimulus Efforts, Sites Weak Demand and Poor Sales
  80. Anecdotes from Architects: How Bad Is It?
  81. Misguided University Students Protest The Wrong Thing
  82. Housing Headed For Another Leg Down; Stabilization Misunderstood
  83. Citigroup Plans "Crisis Derivatives"
  84. GM's New Union-Free Mantra
  85. Are There Any White Swans?
  86. Is "Moral Support" a Plan?
  87. Corporate Bond Yields Offer Hint Party Is Over
  88. Governor Christie Declares "New Jersey on Edge of Bankruptcy"
  89. Misguided Economists Say Unemployment Rate Has Peaked
  90. EU Tries Paulson's Bazooka Ploy; Bazooka Theory vs. Historical Results
  91. Inflation Targeting Madness and Economically Illiterate Fools at the IMF
  92. Warren Mosler: The Obvious Answer To The Problem Is "Print Money"
  93. Eurogroup Chairman Jean-Claude Juncker's Grecian Bluff
  94. Greece Outlaws Cash Transactions Above 1500 Euros, Unveils New Taxes
  95. Central Falls Rhode Island Fires Every High School Teacher
  96. Mish Sunday Funnies 2010-02-14 American Idle
  97. Canadian Mining Union Stubborn to Point of Self-Destruction
  98. Utah Proposes Scrapping 12th Grade; Nevada Rations Diapers; Harrisburg Heads For Bankruptcy; NBA Lockouts Loom
  99. Issing says "Last Chance For Greece"
  100. 9,500 Shuttered Stores In Sacramento Area: "Everyone Perfectly Content With Less"
  101. Goldman Says "Something Brewing" in China on Currency; What's Really Brewing Is "Trouble"
  102. Illinois Pension Fund $61 Billion Underwater; State Borrows Money For 2010 Contribution; California $20 Billion in the Hole Again
  103. Geithner and JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon's Parade of Lies Exposed
  104. What Union Leaders Really Think; Jackson Healthcare Union Faces Widespread Layoffs
  105. "Three Paths Forward" - Kansas City Fed on Current U.S. Fiscal Imbalance, Hyperinflation, Printing
  106. Krugman Says Inflation Is The Answer
  107. City Turns Down $2.5 Million Stimulus
  108. Law of Diminishing Returns of Credit Expansion
  109. Democratic Strategist Blasts Obama's Obeisance To Unions; Students Back Superintendent Firing All Teachers
  110. PEW Study Shows Trillion Dollar State Pension Gap; Can Anything Be Done?
  111. Unsustainable Spending Trends in Graphical Form; Monthly Treasury Statement February 2010
  112. Big Cheer Over Increase In Housing Starts Is "Much Ado About Nothing"
  113. Fed Raises Discount Rate, Dollar Soars, Equity Futures Sink, What's It Really Mean?
  114. As Credit Contracts, Keynesian and Monetarist Clowns Snipe at Bernanke
  115. Goodbye Reflation We hardly Knew Ya; Core CPI Drops First Time Since 1982
  116. Warning For Novices: Please Avoid Foreclosure Auctions
  117. Greece Held Hostage By Unions; "Warning Strikes" In Germany; French President Sarkozy Battles Unions Over Benefits
  118. Median Home Prices In Orlando Area Plunge 14% In January; Orange County Has 13 Months of Unlisted Foreclosures
  119. UK Business lending Falls At Record Pace; UK Mortgage Lending Drops 32% to 10 Year Low; Bundesbank Fears Second Wave of Credit Crisis; Party's Over
  120. Weekend Roundup: Ron Paul Wins Straw Poll; Outlook on Spain; Icesave Vote Pending; Companies Abandon Climate Partnership; US Weekly Claims
  121. Sunday Funnies 2010-02-21: Lighter Side of the News
  122. Benefits of Being a Very Part-Time Student
  123. Italy a Bigger Threat to EU than Greece; Italian Derivatives Draw Scrutiny; Mundell Wants Cap on Euro Gains; Academic Wonderland
  124. Monmouth County New Jersey Looks To Privatize Prison System Over "Unsustainable Union Salaries"
  125. Yield Curve Steepest In History: Is The Meaning Different This Time?
  126. Commercial Real Estate Apocalypse in 2011-2012
  127. Doomsday Arrives for State of Illinois; Insane Tax Hike Proposals; Watchdogs or Warthogs?
  128. Miami's City Manager Resigns; New manager Promises to Tackle Budget Woes; How Unions, Politicians Bankrupted Miami
  129. The Mortgage Bubble
  130. Consumer Confidence Plunges To 46, Lowest Since April; Current Conditions Lowest Since 1983
  131. Inspired Reader Stands Up To Union Mobs
  132. U.K. Follows Keynesian Prescription to the Max. Here are the Results: a Stagnant Economy, Crippling Budget Deficit, Rising Prices
  133. Disturbing Trends In FICO Scoring
  134. God Bless Justin In Albany; Won't Be Bullied In Phoenix; You Can Speak Out Too!
  135. Capital Flight out of Greece; Run on the Banks Underway; Greek Unions Stage Another Strike
  136. New Home Sales Unexpectedly Plunge to Record Low; Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Post Losses
  137. Is Consumer Confidence a Contrarian Indicator?
  138. Union Cannibalization: Laid-off CTA workers upset with unions, management
  139. Commercial Real Estate Deal Gone Sour: A Reader Asks "What To Do?"
  140. Weekly Unemployment Claims Spike To 496,000; Will Reality Soon Set In?
  141. "Nacent" Recovery or "Nacent" Economic Collapse?
  142. Detroit Mayor on Unions "They can't read, they can't add, they can't comprehend"; 33% of Detroit is Vacant Lots or Abandoned Homes
  143. California Delays Payments, Ponders IOUs Again, Demands 80% of Income Tax Paid Before It's Even Earned
  144. Suggest a Budget Solution for Illinois
  145. GDP Contraction Coming In Second Quarter 2010?
  146. Obama's Micro-Mismanagement of HAMP Equates to "Can-Kicking Stupidity"
  147. Voters Madder Than Ever; 63% Say Better If Congress Not Reelected; Can Republicans Retake The House?
  148. Hello Brevard County Florida: 23,000 expected to lose jobs after space shuttle retirement; Local Unemployment Will Skyrocket
  149. Short Selling Restrictions "A Great Indicator of Imminent Market Crashes"
  150. Landlords Squeezed by Lack of Good Tenants; Cap-and-Trade Dead; Violent Student Protest at Berkley; Jobless Benefits Phase Out Sunday
  151. San Francisco Infested with Union Parasites and Pestilence; Outrage Over Transit Worker Pay
  152. Elizabeth Warren on the Coming Commercial Real Estate Crisis; 3000 Community Banks at Risk
  153. For 15 Million Unemployed any Job is a Good Job; Questions for Pollyannas; Wishes Aren't Fishes
  154. Sunday Funnies 2010-02-28: Lighter Side of the News
  155. Retail Sales Rise: Where? Let's Take a Look; Expect Nothing Less Than Panic
  156. What Do Concert Ticket Sales Say About The Economy?
  157. Chicago Public Schools System Is Broke; Union Contract Mandates Raises Through 2012; Expect Fireworks
  158. I'm Sure Glad The Recession Ended
  159. Consumer Preference for Saving vs. Spending Jumps in 2009; Major War Coming Between Union "Haves" and Non-Union "Have-Nots"
  160. Rep. Suzie Bassi: "Illinois in Utter Crisis, Next to Bankruptcy, $13bn Hole in a $28bn Budget"; Ambrose Evans Pritchard Inflicted with FIV
  161. Ohio Mayor Seeks To Eliminate Public Unions; Come Senators, Congressmen Please Heed the Call For the Times they are A-Changin'
  162. Governor Christie: "Time to Hold Hands and Jump Off the Cliff" - Chris Christie For President?
  163. Geithner's Illegal Money-Laundering Scheme Exposed; Harry Markopolos Says “Don’t Trust Your Government”
  164. CMBS Delinquencies Hit New Record
  165. ISM Service Sector Expands, Backlog of Orders and Employment Still Contracting; Public Sector Catchup Coming
  166. New Jersey Firefighter Quits Union Over Volunteer Duties; What is a Public Servant?
  167. Is anyone else sick of this "Nascent Recovery" talk?
  168. Weekly Unemployment Claims At 469,000; Prepare for Friday's BLS Snow Job
  169. Range of Snow Impact on Jobs: Negligible to 220,000; Have Your Snow Job Decoder Ring Handy?
  170. Seven in Ten Put Off Retirement for Financial Reasons; What are the Implications?
  171. Case-Shiller CPI Now Tracking CPI-U; Real Interest Rates Are Once Again Negative
  172. Jobs Contract By 36,000; Unemployment Rate Steady At 9.7%; No Snow Effect
  173. Construction Developer Says Banks Suddenly Playing Hardball, Asks "Mish, What's Going On?"
  174. Credit Union Pays Savers to Close Their Accounts; Deposit Insurance Makes Saving Accounts a Losing Proposition for Banks
  175. Missouri Budget Overstates Revenues By Up To $1 billion; Indiana Revenue Falls Short; Budget Battles In Washington; Budget Gaps In Kansas
  176. Iceland Rejects IceSave; Does No Mean No?
  177. Sunday Funnies 2010-03-07: Lighter Side of the News
  178. Bear Stearns Boogie Man Yet Again
  179. University of California Campus Erupts In Riots; Student Loan Scam Drives Up Cost Of Education; Expect More Riots
  180. Papandreou, Sarkozy, Merkel Blame Speculators; French President Sarkozy Says EU Must Support Greece or Risk Destroying Euro; Sarkozy Employs Bazooka
  181. Debt for Diploma Schemes and the Cookie Monster Principle
  182. Mutual Fund Cash Depletion Highest Since 1991
  183. Obama's Housing Shell Game; Short Sales and Relocation Assistance
  184. Citizens' Initiative Puts Spotlight On SF Muni Pay Schedule
  185. Bragging About Census Hiring Starts Already; I'll Take The Under
  186. Pelosi: We have to pass the health care bill so that you can find out what is in it
  187. Regional Employment Report: Unemployment Rate up in 30 States, Down in 9; Manufacturing States Benefit Most
  188. Moorestown New Jersey Unions Highlight Union Arrogance
  189. Miami-Dade Hospital in "Death Spiral"; County on the Hook for Union Salaries
  190. Groundhog Day Again - Weekly Unemployment Claims at 462,000, 4-Week Moving Average at 475,500
  191. Hardball In New Jersey, No Balls In Virginia; Brass Balls In Las Vegas
  192. US 30-Year Treasury Bond Direct Bidders See Value, Step Up To The Plate And Buy
  193. Kansas City School District Faces Bankruptcy, Closes 29 of 61 schools
  194. Stimulus About To Wither On Vine; A look At February Retail Sales
  195. Marc Faber and Mish on Tech Ticker; Mish vs. Dr. Doom
  196. Greece Bailout Ping-Pong, No Deal Underway; Pension Promises Add To Greek Debt Woes; How Does Greece Compare To US?
  197. Two Sets of MD Pension Books: One with Real Salaries, the other Includes What Government Documents Refer to as "Phantom" Cost-of-Living Adjustments
  198. Spotlight on the Non-Recovery in Texas; Heads Still Buried In The Sand
  199. Obama's $3 Trillion Tax Increase; IRS To Track PayPal Transactions; Toledo Ohio Fiscal Emergency; Obama's Utopian Education Goals
  200. Sunday Funnies 2010-03-14: Lighter Side of the News - Something From Nothing
  201. Obama's Backbone Like Over-Cooked Spaghetti; So Where Are The Fiscal Conservatives?
  202. For Profit Schools Turn Students Into Debt Zombies; It's Time To Kill The Entire Pell Grant Program
  203. The $2 Trillion Public Pension Hole and What You Can Do About It
  204. Icelandic Blackmail Discussion With Max Keiser and Birgitta Jonsdottir, a Member of the Icelandic Parliament
  205. Stupid In America; What's Wrong with the U.S. Education System?
  206. Useless Regulation: Dodd Bill "Empowers" Fed To Do Nothing
  207. California House Speaker Gives Aid $65,000 Raise; Aid Now Makes $190,008
  208. Misconceptions about Money and Velocity
  209. Bankruptcy Court Gives Prichard Alabama 2 More Months To Figure Out How To Pay Pensioners
  210. Canadian Credit Bubble In Pictures
  211. HealthCare Premiums Will Decrease 3000%; Obama Needs Remedial Math Lessons; Ron Paul's Campaign For Liberty vs. Organizing For America ObamaCare
  212. Pressure Increasing on China to Revalue Yuan; What Can Go Wrong?
  213. Christie to cut N.J. school aid by $800M; 800 Layoffs in San Bernardino; R.I. Court Upholds Salary Cuts; Lancaster PA Pension Tsunami
  214. Good News From President Obama: "What you're doing is working"
  215. Stimulus Runs Out, So States Beg Congress For More Money; Will They Get It?
  216. Interactive Map of Worst Banks in the U.S. by Texas Ratio, Non-Performing Assets, and Total Capital
  217. Governor Christie Calls Unions "Crass Bullies of State Street"; Says Unions Have a Choice "Givebacks or Layoffs"
  218. True Money Supply (TMS) vs. Austrian Money Supply (AMS or M Prime) Update
  219. Battle in EU Erupts Between Germany and France Over the "Club Med" Nations and Germany's Export Policy
  220. High Tech Research Moves From U.S. To China
  221. Brain Drain
  222. Victory for Bloomberg in Freedom of Information Lawsuit with Fed
  223. Hatch Says It's "Nuts" To Think Health Care Issue Resolved On Monday; House Majority Leader Says Bill Is Constitutional
  224. Sunday Funnies 2010-03-21: All In
  225. Unemployment Bet: Mish vs. Bryan Caplan at the Library of Economics and Liberty Blog
  226. Inflation? Where?
  227. Inflation Issuance Hits Record $200 Billion; Predictably Wrong Hyperinflation Calls; Ducks in a Row
  228. Investors Chase Risk in Junk Bonds at Fastest Pace Ever
  229. China Not As Simple As Krugman Thinks; The Coming Trade War With China
  230. Chicago Fed National Activity Index Slows
  231. Gerald Celente Predicts "Crash of 2010"
  232. Gerald Celente Predicts "Crash of 2010"
  233. Email From Birgitta Jonsdottir, Member of Iceland's Parliament; Mish Audio With Eric King on Inflation, Unions, Jobs, Greece, Spain, and Iceland
  234. Bernanke Wants to End Bank Reserve Requirements Completely: Does it Matter? What Chaos will Result?
  235. Ron Paul to Geithner: What part of Austrian economic theory don't you agree with?
  236. Ten-Year Swap Spread Turns Negative As Investors Embrace Risk
  237. Growing Gap between Gov't and Private Sector Benefits
  238. Kansas City Fed's Hoenig Endorses Volcker, Suggests Large Banks $210 Billion Undercapitalized; Blasts "Too Big To Fail"
  239. Slow Motion PIGS Wreck; Dollar Soars as Contagion Spreads to Portugal; Greece "will default at some point"; What's Next?
  240. Double Dip In Home Prices; Kohn Wins "Neanderthal Award"
  241. 19,000 Job Cuts Projected For NYC; Illinois Bill to Slash Pensions; Florida Bill To Slash Pensions; John Dennis vs. Nancy Pelosi
  242. Weekly Unemployment Claims at 442,000, 4-Week Moving Average drops to 453,750
  243. Health Care Passed; How will Individuals and Corporations React? Who will Opt Out?
  244. Treasury Yields Rise; What's Cooking?
  245. Unemployment Rises In 27 States, Drops In 7 States
  246. Money Madness In Oz
  247. 4-Day School Weeks Coming To Illinois
  248. Why Small Businesses Fear Obama's Health Care Despite Today's Exemptions
  249. Surprising Inability To Think Clearly About Privatization; Teachers Unions, The Child Molester’s Best Friend
  250. Wealthy Unload Munis; Junk, Corporates, Equities, All Overpriced; Take Some Chips Off The Table
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