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    1. What's happening to banks around the world? Can we reform banking? What have banks and lenders done to you recently?

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    2. Developing alternative theories of finance and economics - empirically based economics, Post Keynesian approaches, critiquing neoclassical thought.
      Are we on the road to recovery or to zombie capitalism a la Japan's Lost 2 Decades?

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    3. Are we in the next boom market, or a bear rally? What's happening in structured finance around the world; what potential is there for these Weapons of Mass Financial Destruction to actually explode?

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    4. Is gold a good investment? should we have a gold-based monetary system?

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    5. Demographics

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      Demographic economics or population economics is the application of economics to demography, the study of human populations, including size, growth, density, distribution, and vital statistics.

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    6. Discuss what's happening in house prices around the world.

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    7. Is Australia in a bubble or will house prices always double every seven years?

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    8. Blog Wrap-Up

      Links to carefully selected finance blogs, subscribe to this forum to receive update notifications. Please contact us, if you would like your blog syndicated here.

    9. News round up

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      News links from around the globe.

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    1. Announcements regarding Talk Finance will be posted here.

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